April’s Detox Challenge – Intro Post

The Advanced Chiropractic Detox Challenge


This spring season, at Advanced Chiropractic + Wellness Centre will be one for the record books.  Four members of our staff are undertaking a group detox.  Using HEEL’s homeopathic Detox Kit, each of us will chronicle our journey through the detoxification process. 


Throughout the month of April, each of the staff members will be detailing their experiences, both physical and emotional, while we embark on the cleanse process.  Although each staff member will be taking the same detox kit, experiences will vary from person to person. 

Meet the Detoxers


Dr. Trina Ting

Dr. Trina is the chiropractic doctor at our office.  She maintains a very healthy and active lifestyle, but this will be her first detox in quite a few years.  Dr. Trina is an avid proponent of having a regular workout schedule and will be focusing on how the detox affects her workouts and energy levels.


Anne has been working as part of the front desk staff for over two years.  This will also be Anne’s first detox experience and she is very excited to see any and all positive benefits.  Because this is her first time cleansing, Anne’s focus will be on the general benefits and side effects that she experiences. 


Correne, also a member of the front desk staff, has worked at our office for almost a year.  The seasoned cleanser of the group, she does a cleanse each spring.  During this year’s detox, Correne will also be making some significant diet changes (including cutting out all sugar, caffeine, dairy and gluten).  Her writing will focus on how those diet changes are working in conjunction with HEEL’s detox kit.  


Isidora is a registered massage therapist on staff here at Advanced Chiropractic.  Similar to Dr. Trina, Isidora has a very healthy and active life.  This will be her first detox and she will be focusing on how this cleanse affects her Moksha yoga practice. 

Watch for the posting of our April newsletter.  It has a detailed article on what detoxification is and why it’s an important component to anyone’s healthy lifestyle.  There will also be a special discounted price for the HEEL Detox Kit for the month of April. 

We will keep you updated with the official start date of the detox challenge and our subsequent posts about our progress!

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