Hello spring!

Today is the last day of March, and it’s been a long month. We’re kicking off April with a detox that all of us in the clinic will be taking. This is no lemon water only cleanse. It is instead a very gentle homeopathic cleanse that merely requires us to put several drops of the flavourless detox solution into about one litre of filtered water. Sip throughout the day and the kit takes about one week to finish. I tend to eat clean (organic, lots of fruits and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic-free meat), but I will make the extra effort during the detox to be fairly disciplined about it. There’s no point in detoxing and then consuming extra toxins! (I really like coffee. And sugar. And wine. Oh boy.) I’m also interested to see if I notice any effects during or after my workouts, which involves interval training and weights.
So keep checking in! We’ll be starting sometime next week and we welcome your questions!
Dr. Trina

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