Detox Challenge – Day 1

Dr. Trina

Dr. Trina posted her experience with the cleanse earlier this morning.  She started her detox this morning (Monday).  Here is a quote from her earlier blog:

“Just a quick update on how my first day is going! So far, pretty good! All I need to do is just keep sipping on the solution that I mixed up last night: 30 drops of each solution in one litre of water. There are 3 solutions, one to support the liver and gastrointestinal system, one for the kidneys and gallbladder, and one for the lymphatic system. These are our bodies’ main systems to remove toxins.
I’m going to sip on this all day (the repetitive action is more effective than guzzling), and keep you posted! I’m going to hit up the gym tonight too, and I will monitor to see if the detox affects my energy levels.
Dr. Trina”


Anne started the cleanse on Sunday (April 3rd).  Because this is her first detox and her system is more sensitive, Anne will be starting with a reduced dose of the HEEL Detox Kit with 10 drops of each remedy instead of 30.  Over time she will gradually increase her daily dose.

In her first day Anne noticed a few symptoms/side effects from the cleanse.  She did have a headache on Sunday as well as a feeling of nausea.  On the positive side, she had an increase in the number of healthy bowel movements on Sunday!  As we mentioned in the introductory post, Anne will be monitoring her sleep patterns to see if the cleanse helps to improve the situation.  So far after day one she has not noticed any significant changes.


Isidora is taking the full dose of the detox kit – 30 drops of each remedy – and she also started her cleanse on Sunday.  On the first day she noticed some nausea which has now passed.  She also experienced loose bowel movements which are continuing into day 2.  Sunday night she said ‘I slept like a baby!”  Isidora will be going to her Moksha yoga practice tonight and will keep us updated on how the cleanse affects her energy levels and stamina.


I started the cleanse today (Monday).  As of Saturday morning I have completely eliminated all forms of refined sugar and caffeine from my diet.  Since Saturday I have experienced headaches and a lot of fatigue.  I’ve also had a lot of cravings for sugar, which although is normal, is very difficult and challenging.  I’ve been offered sweets, ice cream and baked goods all weekend, but I have held my own!  Because I have also decided to change my diet, I did not want these symptoms to interfere with the results of the cleanse which is why I decided to wait until today to start.  So far I feel great, but I’m sure I’ll have more to report later on in the week.

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