Detox Challenge – Day 7

So we are a week into our cleanse.  Some things have gone according to plans and others have not, but that is usually how life works!  Here are the updates from the staff.


As we mentioned on Day 1, this was Anne’s very first detoxification experience.  She found the headaches that accompanied the cleanse a little intense.  This can be the most difficult side effect for people to deal with as many people have a low tolerance for head pain.  In the end, due to a family emergency, Anne has decided not to continue with the detox at this time.


Most of my sugar and caffeine cravings are under control at this point.  That being said, this upcoming week will be a very stressful one for me, as Anne is not in the office and I am covering her hours.  Unforseen schedule changes/circumstances have always been one of the most difficult challenges for me to face.  I often turn to sugar as a comfort (yes, I’m an emotional eater)  It doesn’t help that there is an appetizing bowl of easter eggs sitting at my desk for the patients! 

As for detox side effects, I actually feel really good.  I have more energy than I did when I was drinking caffeine and I’m sleeping better.  I’m still experiencing increased urination, but that is very common all throughout a detox.  I have also noticed that my eczema is clearing up!


Isidora says she feels fabulous.  She is noticing improvement in her digestion and bowel movements (increased frequency).  She is also experiencing a marked improvement in her energy.  She is attending Moksha yoga everyday, some days she even does two classes!  In addition to her increase in workouts, Isidora also feels she needs to nap less often.  She is also experiencing an increase in urination.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress later this week!

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