Detox Week 1 Over Already!

It just occurred to me that week one of the detox is over already! I have about one more week left and I’m already going to miss it. We have had an unusually busy and stressful month (when it rains it pours!), and I really feel that the detox has helped me to deal with it a lot easier. I definitely have more energy despite the fact that I’ve put my body through a lot this past month. My workouts have been good, although I had no time this week with the One Urban Mama show. I made up for it on the weekend, and worked out three days in a row, even managing 20 minutes of moderate cycling on the stationary bike tonight after a 12 hour work day!

The only different thing is that I’ve been dreaming a lot more. Detoxes can certainly draw out emotions, good and bad, and they certainly are manifesting at night for me. It’s pretty cool.

PS. I wish I could be as committed as Correne and also cut out sugar and caffeine! I eat pretty well but certainly have consumed my share of chocolate, wine, and greasy diner food over the weekend. I’m going to pretend the detox is helping me expel these from my system and I’m going to eat well all week!
Dr. Trina

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