Still detoxing…and not

Ok, so I still have at least one quarter of the detox left to finish. I worked out four times this weekend, the usual cardio and weights and I felt great. This must be getting boring for those of you following my blog, because I’m boring myself.

Before you click away to Facebook though, you might be interested to hear that despite my diligence with drinking the detox solution and working out, I have a small confession. I’ve been eating terribly this entire detox. I eat really well at my meals: organic veggies, fruits, antibiotic/hormone-free/organic meat. Somewhere in between these meals, I’ve consumed numerous cupcakes, cinnamon buns, cookies, chocolate Easter eggs, and a giant slice of homemade chocolate cake. Throw in a bottle and a half of wine and now I’m even wondering why I bothered to detox at all. I was recounting this to a friend of mine, and noting that I should be way fatter than I am. In fact, I’ve noticed the opposite. My pants are looser. It doesn’t make sense, I shrugged. And then she pointed out that it was probably the detox that was allowing me to be more efficient at expelling the water weight.

Is she right? I have no idea, but it could very well be the case. So as I get into the last phase of this detox (well, last phase of part one), I’m going to soldier on, and maybe try to at least
minimize the Easter chocolate. Try, being the operative word.

Dr. Trina

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