Final Thoughts – April’s Detox Challenge


I’ve been feeling fine, my body has adjusted really well to this cleanse.  My yoga practice during this detoxification was great.  I no longer feel any cleanse symptoms or side effects, like headaches or breakouts.  The improvements I’ve noticed are that my eczema has calmed down, my bowel movements are regular and I didn’t have any menstrual cramps this month.  All and all this has been a very good experience!


I’ve done a lot of cleanses in my lifetime.  Even though the end goal for each one of them was the same, they all had their differences – things that made them unique.  HEEL’s detox was very emotional for me.  I found that thoughts, feelings and emotions that I hadn’t really dealt with reared their heads during this detox.  If I had known this before going in I would have chosen to undertake my diet changes at a different time.  I have a tendency to be an emotional eater and since this cleanse dug up a lot of unresolved emotions, cutting out sugar may have been an unachievable goal for me personally.  I am still 100% caffeine free and I’m now cutting out dairy products, but eliminating refined sugar was quite the challenge! 

Physically this cleanse had very little in the way of side effects.  Other than a headache for a few days (which I actually attribute to caffeine withdrawal), I have felt very little in the way of symptoms.  The only thing I have noticed was an increase in urination frequency.  Although this is good for people who don’t want their detoxification to affect their daily life, I usually prefer to feel some symptoms just so I know it’s working! 

My overall feeling about the cleanse is very positive.  Although I didn’t feel much in the way of physical benefits, I feel much lighter and less burdened by my emotions.  I was also able to deal with some stuff that definitely needed dealing with.  Now that the kit is done I still plan to continue with my diet changes and incorporate some detoxifying herbs… after Easter.

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