End of the Detox

I finally finished the detox on Monday. In the end, it took me three weeks and aside from simply ensuring that I drank the solution by the end of every day, it was a fairly easy process. I had some initial fatigue and a metallic taste in my mouth, it was smooth sailing after that. I did notice some benefits: better sleep (with fuller, richer dreams), better hydration, and weight loss despite the previously blogged about dietary sins. The body accommodates to any stimulus quickly, so even though I still had a small amount of the detox left, I decided three weeks was enough as I felt I had plateaued. My workouts were great, I noticed no real effect of the detox there. Except for the fact that my workout pants were noticeably looser around the waist!

I would recommend everyone do a detox once or twice a year. We are bombarded by toxins from our environment, food, medications, and stress. I was pretty happy with the results of my Heel detox kit; it’s not very stressful on the body and easy to do. The full protocol recommends doing two full kits, with a week off in between. So I’m going to take this week off and pick up next week! I will blog and keep you all posted as to the true final result of the detox program. And maybe, I will attempt to cut down on the sugar…but I’m not making any promises!

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