Probiotics Are For Babies Too!

Focus on Health:

Probiotics Are For Babies Too!

By Dr. Trina Ting

baby hmf bOur bodies contain a microbiome of trillions of bacteria in our gut (stomach, small and large intestine).  These bacteria help to keep our bodies healthy by helping to digest food, fight off bad bacteria, and decrease inflammation.  These healthy bacteria are called probiotics.

Did you know that there are two major ways for infants to receive probiotics?  The first is a vaginal delivery.  As a woman’s body prepares for delivery, it starts to colonize with Lactobacilli, a strain of bacteria that helps the infant to digest mother’s milk.  The concern with C-section deliveries is that the child does not receive this strain of bacteria as it will not be passed on with a non-vaginal birth.  The second is by breastfeeding, as the infant can then receive probiotics as well as many other essential vitamins and nutrients.

baby hmf fAdditionally, all children should be taking a probiotic if they ever had to take antibiotics.  We carry two formulas in our wellness store specifically for children aged 1-4 (please consult us at the office regarding infants younger than 1 year old).  The Baby HMF-B is for infants who are breast-fed, but may have been delivered by C-section or taken antibiotics.  The Baby HMF-F is for infants who are formula fed and require extra probiotics, whether or not they were delivered vaginally or by C-section, or taking antibiotics.  Both formulas contain probiotics which is the simple sugars the good bacteria feed on, to promote a healthy microbiome.  The following information is provided by Seroyal.  Please consult us if you have questions regarding probiotics for your children.

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Solutions For Asthma and Eczeme

By Joseph Steyr, B.Sc., Naturopathic Doctor

Did you know that eczema, and asthma09_cute_baby_1 are related medical conditions?  They both fall in a category called Atopy, which is generally described as an over-acting immune system, similar to allergies to pollen.  Both conditions are typically treated with a steroid that suppresses the immune system and brings symptomatic relief.  However, more and more research is showing that there are longer lasting solutions, the main one being the use of probiotics.  Recent research showed that the use of probiotics for newborn babies can give lasting protection against asthma and eczema.   Studies are showing that giving probiotics for the first 6 months of your child’s life can significantly reduce the risk of eczema and asthma up to 6 years.

 So what is a probiotic?  Essentially this term means the use of healthy bacteria.  These good bacteria help us breakdown food, release vitamins, and more importantly regulate our immune system.  The bacteria are naturally found in our small and large intestines, and in our small intestines they interact with something called peyer’s patches which are essentially immune regulating structures similar to our tonsils.   The type of good bacteria or the quantity of good bacteria can be reduced by the use of antibiotics, stress level, poor diet, and even if a baby is born from a cesarean section.

What is important for you to know is that there is a large variety of different good bacteria, a.k.a. different strains of probiotics.  Plus, there are often other ingredients in the probiotic products that can sometimes have side effects.  It’s always important to talk to your healthcare provider to know which product is right for you or your baby.

If you have any questions about natural products for children, please feel free to come in and ask Dr. Ting, DC, or  Joseph Steyr, ND.

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