Healthy Hearts for Valentine’s Day

How Massage Therapy Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

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A combination of Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Treatments is a great way to keep your heart healthy! The adjustment can help release structural and neurological interference to the spine and keep your nervous system working at its best, and the massage can release the built-up muscle tension.

What else can you do to keep your heart beating strong and for long?

Stay Physically Active

It’s easy to understand that after a hard day of work, what you really want to do is go home and sit on the couch, instead of taking a walk or going for a run. That’s natural, but as the American Heart Association so boldly reminds us: Being sedentary can kill you! The Canadian Heart and Stroke says that people who are NOT active have double the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as increased risk of diabetes, cancer and dementia.  Being active helps your whole body: your heart, your brain, your muscles, your bones and your mood! You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to make a real difference, a 30-minute brisk walk, 5 times a week, can help lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes

How Can Massage Help With Exercise?

A 2012 study through McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, indicates that incorporating massage therapy into your exercise plan may be beneficial for muscle recovery. While massage is well accepted as a therapy for relieving muscle tension and pain, the researchers delved deeper to find it also triggers biochemical sensors that can send inflammation-reducing signals to muscle cells.

The study found evidence suggesting that massage therapy can help reduce inflammation in a way similar to anti-inflammatory medications, which is good news for people who like to get out there and stay active but occasionally are slowed down by injury or soreness. So, as you develop a plan to get and stay fit remember that regular massage therapy can help you stay on track and in the game.


Stay on Top of Stress

Stress isn’t all bad, it’s your body’s natural way of dealing with situations that demand a “fight or flight” response, you either prepare for confrontation or run away. Problems begin, however, when your body’s reactions are consistently heightened for days, weeks or even months at a time. Chronic stress can potentially damage your arteries and can have physical and emotional effects, including high blood pressure, headaches, stomach complaints, depression or anxiety. So, learning how to keep stress in line is key. Again, remaining physically active is a good way to combat stress, and you might think about adding a practice that helps calm your mind, such as meditation or yoga, or other hobbies and interests that you find calming. And be sure you aren’t waiting for stress to build up before you do something about it—take action before your stress becomes chronic and potentially harmful to your health.

How Can Massage Help With Stress?

Helping relieve stress is one area where Massage Therapy really shines! A 2012 study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, for example, shows that massage for nurses during work hours helped to reduce stress and related symptoms, including headaches, shoulder tension, insomnia, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain. So, along with exercise and eating right, consider how incorporating regular massage into your health and wellness practices can help you better manage stress, and help you take better care of your heart.


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