Text Neck – Do I Have It?


We all know this already: using our cell phones or other handheld electronic devices can lead to the dreaded text neck.  What does that actually mean?  Text neck refers to when your head and neck become hunched over due to looking down at your devices all the time.  In addition to poor posture, it may lead to symptoms such as:


Neck stiffness

Clicking when you turn your neck

Aching between the shoulder blades

Tingling in the hands and fingers



Allow us to use our technology to detect if your spine is suffering from these symptoms of text neck, and then to help you get rid of it.  Our chiropractors are happy to do free mini-consults in the office so you may see the computerized adjusting tool in person.

PS: Children are the most vulnerable to text neck as their young spines are growing.  We do indeed treat children of all ages.  Just remember: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”


Author: Dr. Trina Ting

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