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Even though we are experiencing the ‘easier’ time change by gaining an hour of sleep – changes in one’s sleep schedule can drastically alter one’s circadian rhythm. If you can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep, there’s some good news. Booking a visit with a chiropractor won’t just soothe your achy back—it may also improve the quality of your shuteye. One-third of people who have a chiropractic adjustment report that they experience immediate sleep improvement. Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit. Forty percent of infants experience deeper sleep after seeing a chiropractor.

If it’s pain that’s keeping you awake—whether it’s back pain, neck pain or headaches—then it may be worth a visit. Chiropractic care helps alleviate discomfort and improve relaxation and blood flow. Not only can a chiropractor diagnose and treat spinal problems to relieve discomfort, they can also offer suggestions for getting better sleep. Your chiropractor may tell you which sleep position is best for you and whether a chiropractic pillow or a more supportive mattress might be the key to ending your restless nights.

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